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Mandin Gold Mining Sarl

is a company incorporated on November 22, 2011, is engaged in conducting underground and surface gold mining and related activities, including exploration, processing and smelting. MANDINGOLD has been incorporated for the sole purpose of identifying and acquiring potential areas with known gold deposits in the country of Mali The Location of the present consession is it NAMARANA VILLAGE ,MALI,WEST AFRICA.

Brief about the country MALI

Mali is currently the third largest producer of gold in African continent. South Africa is no1 and Ghana is no 2. Eventually Mali should take over Ghana as the 2nd largest producer of gold as many deposits are yet to come into production.

Gold Deposits in Mali.

There are five principal types of gold deposits present in Mali:

Lode mineralization with native gold occurring in quartz veins and in disseminated sulphides within the host rocks.

Stratibound mineralization in tourmaline bearing quartzite where gold is mainly located within the sulphide minerals. Alluvial placers found on the outcrop of ore bodies with gold locally and evenly concentrated in the lateritic duricrust. Alluvial placers which is the main source of gold extracted by artianal miners. Surface gold deposits of lower economic importance.


There are two kinds of licenses given according to Mali mineral law

Large scale mining

Small scale mining or petite mining

Present scenario of the company

Mandin Goldhas approached the Govt. for exploration license of an area covering 48 sq km in the region of Namarena village around 115 km from the capital city Bamako. After acquiring the exploration license MandinGold has done detailed study of the area by taking the help of the agencies listed below:

Tecdatum Info Services Pvt. Ltd s renowned technical service provider has submitted a report on identification of possible potential areas for exploration of gold through remote sensing and geospatial technologies.The collected samples have been sent to ALS LABORATORY Copies of results are enclosed herewith for your reference.The samples collected are between 0.1 m to 3 m.

Once the results were encouraging Mandingold has finished the feasibility and environmental studies and submitted the report to the Govt. for acquiring a petite mine license for a period of 4 years. The Govt. of Mali has granted Mandingold petite mine license for an area covering 6 sq km . For the balance area of 42 sq km Mandingold proposes to do complete exploration of the mine and submit the report to the Govt. within 3 years to request for large scale mining.

Highlights of the Project

The Project is well connected with the capital city Bamako and the distance from the city to mine is around 120 Kms. The mine is located at NAMARANA Village which is a 40km distance from the National Highway (RN5) of the country going towards Guinea. There is no requirement to laying borewalls,water distribution to village NAMARANA . The company has already taken Corporate Social Responsibility activities by constructing a school and to laying borewalls,water distribution to village NAMARANA .And also providing housing for prefect of CONGABA DISTRICT. The Govt. of Mali has given a appreciation letter in this regard to the company. Mali as a country is wholly dependent on gold as a major source of income. The new Govt. has formed a joint venture with a Swiss company namely "SWISS BULLION COMPANY" to open the largest gold refinery in Mali named as "MOUSSA KANKOU REFINERY" at a cost of USD 71 Million. The capacity of the refinery is 20 tons per month. The largest companies in the world namely B2GOLD,BARRIACK GOLD and many others have established their companies in Mali to explore and operate Gold Mines. Mali is aiming to become the second largest producer of gold in the African Continent after South Africa by the end of 2023.


R. RAVI VARMA Gerant (Managing Director)

Mr. Ravi Varma holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Western Michigan, US and Graduate Engineer in Industrial Production from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India. Mr. Ravi Varma’s 15 Years Career path is augmented by working in various Infrastructure and Mining Projects. He is Executive Director of RRV Infra Pvt Ltd, an 18 years old profit-making company engaged in the execution of Turnkey Projects, Townships, Industrial Structures, National Highways, Flyovers Transmission/Distribution Lines & Substations, Internal & External Electrification, Project Electrification and Mining services.


Mr. Raja Reddy holds a B.E in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Bangalore University. He is a proven leader in Mining & Real Estate he has completed various projects in the city of Hyderabad. He is in the field of Mining Galaxy Black Granite (One of the Rarest Granites in the world available only in Ongole District in AP State India) for the last 15 Years. Mr. Raja Reddy is Director in Sunshine Global Mining Pvt Ltd. The holding company of Mandin Gold Mining sarl, Mali, West Africa.


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